Russia is the largest country in the world and is home to some of the world’s finest traditions and arts. The Russian language is spoken by over 270 million people globally and it is a remarkable language to speak in today’s world because it is important in many worthwhile fields such as science, mathematics and business. Russia is a country blessed with numerous natural resource and raw materials which are useful to the whole world. Being able to communicate in Russian is important to be able to work in the different areas and also delve into its deep cultural heritage.


Arabic is a language that is widespread yet varies from one region to the next and sometimes variations are so diverse that different Arabic speakers from different regions can hardly understand each other. With so many dialects, it may be hard to decide which to learn but with the Modern Standard Arabic which acts as a common denominator in the different dialects makes it easy to learn. It is one of the most difficult languages to learn but it is also beneficial in many ways especially in this day and age, it can bring a lot of business opportunities and it also carries a lot of history and culture.


Have you ever watched a really colorful Bollywood Movie, with all the action and beautiful music and really wanted to understand what it was all about? Hindi is one of the official languages in India and is spoken by over 425 million people on the planet with majority speakers residing in the Northern states of India. It is one of the languages that will introduce you to a rich culture, help in business transactions as international trade takes on different heights each day. Learn to speak Hindi online with Learn Hindi Wizard.

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Hebrew is a unique language with a long history with both religious and cultural foundations of incalculable influence to the modern world. It is the language of Israel and is associated with the bible; it is also spoken in the country that is slowly taking the center stage in the world as one of the fastest growing high tech economies. Whether you want to learn Hebrew to be able to participate in its fast growing high tech economy or to study its intriguing past, you are bound to enjoy it both ways.


French is the second most popular language to learn on the planet right after English, it is the language associated with love and romance and if you are a romantic or would want to know exactly why it is the language of love, then it is important to learn this language. It is the official language of France and is also spoken in Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco and even some African countries. So if you travel a lot, you would be comfortable in many countries as there are 110 million native speakers and 190 million second language speakers. Though you may have to roll your tongue a bit during the process, the pride and joy will be finally yours when you can communicate fluently in the language of love.

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