Holidays in Malta: 3 Must See Sights

Malta is a stunning archipelago which attracts tourists from around the world all year round. Holidays in Malta are an exciting time which allows you to relax in the sunshine, go diving in beautiful blue waters and stroll around cities filled with amazing architecture.

The best thing about Malta is that it is small enough to get around the whole set of islands in a relatively short amount of time if you want to you on holiday. Below, we’ve picked out 3 things that you have to see on your holidays in Malta:

The Azure Window

An awe inspiring rock formation which will take your breath away. In amongst the craggy coastline where the waves are crashing against the rocks, mother earth has eroded a section of the rock so that a circular hole has been formed. With the crystal clear waters you can peer through this ‘window’ and see the ‘azure’ waters. Beautiful!

Blue Grotto

An amazing set of naturally formed caves in the waters on the south coast of Malta. The best way to see this amazing attraction is to take a boat trip which will allow you to get close to them, as well as giving some stunning panoramic views of the coast

For more information on the Blue Grotto visit


The Hypogeum is a world heritage site for UNESCO and is the only known prehistoric temple in the world. If that’s not impressive enough to get you there then nothing is!

holidays in malta

If you go on holiday to Malta this year then make sure you don’t miss out on these amazing sites!

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