5 Language Learning Methods

Have you ever been stuck in a place where people keep bursting in laughter as they joke and you cannot understand even a single joke; or have you ever got lost and wished you could ask for directions without miming and putting your charades skills to the test? Or how to learn Russian in less than a year? There is something attractive about being able to express yourself and be understood in a different language other than your native language. Here are some methods that you can use to learn a new language.


Get CDs and tapes that have courses teaching the language you are intending to learn, it is a great way to learn especially if you do not a lot of time on your hands. You can copy the courses onto your IPod and listen to them on the go. Research and pick your language CDs carefully as some contain different methods of learning, choose the one that is best for you and make it a habit to listen everywhere you go. Whether you are lying on a beach, doing shopping, walking or travelling on a bus, some of the phrases you might remember them as you associate them with a particular activity.


Everyone loves to listen to music because it is entertaining and fun, it is also very important if you have some fun as you are learning a new language.  Songs are catchy and easy to listen to, download and listen to music in a targeted foreign language. You can also find some of the lyrics to the songs that you buy online and as you listen and sing along you will learn the words. Repetition is the key to learning a new language so sing over and over again and then speaking will be easier.


One the best way of learning a language spoken in a certain country is by immersion. Travel and live in a country that speaks the language you are learning and if possible live with a host family. In this way you will be forced to speak the language because you will be interacting with the people on a daily basis, further more you will see words on road signs, menus and hear words being spoken wherever you go.

As you ask for directions, order meals and chatting with people in their language in a foreign language will ensure that you learn the language as you will be using it on a daily basis.


These are very helpful when you need to make references when in a foreign country or when practicing to speak. They help in teaching simple greetings, numbers and common words used in a certain language. If you want to know how to learn Polish and that kind of language then dictionaries help when you need to look up a new word or expand your vocabulary.


As you travel around the world, you will interact with different people who speak different languages, make friends and keep trying to communicate in their language, you can even engage in games and soon you will realize that you have learnt a few more words.

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